Xpressions frencèzzz

Hello dear commensals!

This summer, I've hosted some programs on Fajet Radio (Nancy - 94.2 fm): I investigate these French expressions so often used by your aunt Odette, but of which you have never found either the meaning, the tail, or the the head.

Salam to Valentin and Juliette, these two friends crazy enough to have offered me this opportunity ... rightly or wrongly!

English-speaking friend : i'm sorry we might not understand a word to these french rantings...

"Hello dear commensals, Peneski is talking to you.

Like every day, I suggest you a French expression investigation.

I suggest it to you, but you don't really have the choice.

It's useless, for sure, but it always seeds a conversation if you want appear smart in society. "


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Is rap like juggling syncopated syllables and throwing it all onto a beat in a minimally synchronized way? OK; it's rap then. Just for fun.

Is rap juggling with syncopated syllables, and throw it all, quite synchronously, onto a musical beat? OK; so that's rap. Just for fun.

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