Faces and bodies

Pénélope Selhausen-Kosinski, 2017-2021

I don't try to copy facial features, but rather try to render character's personality  traits ... I don't know if it's an artist's thing or if I'm just not a good physiognomist.

L'exclusivité du mal-être / uneasiness inc., mai 2021
Sous l'manteau / undercover , mars 2021
déchue / fallen angel, mars 2021
protégeons-nous / check yourself
es muss sein
free download
kompact  gurl
parfois / sometimes
jsais pas quoi faire / dunno wattodoo
anagramme / anagram
la science / science
Cage en oiseau / Cage in a bird
quelque chose dans l'oeil / itchy eye
bon fond / good at heart
deconfiture / jam
your eyes are my punching ball
démantibulée / dismantle
jdeviens chèvre / scapegoat
bouquet de soeurs / bunch of sisters
mots croisés / crosswords
social interaction gesture
control freak
démantibulée / dismantle




My body resembles an old, decayed, uncomfortable shell; by means of a black marker pen, I can dislocate it, or give it magical powers, distort it as I may, like an obedient puppet.

My mother always advised me not to start with hands if I wanted to learn how to draw. But I've never wanted to learn how to draw, and hands have been my only subjects for a long time, although they were looking more like crab claws. Drawing a hand gives me the same childish pleasure as stroking a cat or coloring without going beyond the lines. They are the only body parts which harmonize angular and curved with such linearity.

My hands, on paper, are thin, disproportionate, strangely long.

I wouldn't want to know how to draw hands,

for anything in the world.